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Mathador R&D is a consulting company that focuses mainly on the application of mathematical methods in order to solve business problems. We are especially interested in advanced statistics, data mining, forecasting, and business intelligence.
Our primary focus is the service industry where the competition drove companies to provide ever more complex services and to challenge the operational capabilities. These customized services require more complex planning, analytics, reporting, distribution – all heavily connected to databases, mathematical algorithms.
Mathematics is not a solution, but a tool in the modern business environment, a technology that can be used to get business results closer to their limits. We believe that every new idea can be strengthened by a solid theoretical background, bringing these ideas closer to reality.
These mathematical methods are often advertised to “extract hidden patterns in the databases” to “transform data into knowledge” while in the reality they mostly just provide a way to justify hypothesizes that are already present or generate new questions. Mathador R&D uses mathematical models to support decision making, to enhance reporting capabilities, and to enable our partners to further customize their offers.
Mathematical methods can be considered as bricks of a building. With the right set of skills and practice one can create solutions to any problem that has its roots in numbers. At Mathador we only employ specialists with several years of experience in the field of service industry related analytics.
Here at Mathador we believe that creativity and science is just the prerequisite of innovation, the other necessary component is the finding of new challenges. Please contact us if you have a gut feeling that Mathador could give you a new perspective, a new edge in your business.